meta title="maildirman - mailman meets spamassassin meets maildir"

About maildirman

maildirman copies held messages from Mailman's moderator queues to a Maildir. After you move messages to "spam" and "non-spam" folders, it feeds them through SpamAssassin's Bayesian learner, and tells Mailman to discard or accept, as appropriate. This allows you to manage both list moderation and spamassassin training via a local MUA, a standard IMAP client, maildirsync, or any number of other standard mail-handling mechanisms, rather than only through the Mailman web interface.

maildirman can also optionally add ACLs and shared folder flags for the dovecot IMAP server to each new folder it sets up.

maildirman requires Python 2.5 or newer.

Getting maildirman


You can grab a snapshot tarball of the latest version via gitweb at;a=snapshot;hb=HEAD

Obtaining maildirman via Git

maildirman uses the Git version control system. You can obtain the most recent version of maildirman directly from our Git tree with the command:

git clone git://

You can also browse the Git repository via gitweb