OMSE 522
Modeling and Analysis of Software Systems
Winter 2002

Bart Massey


The OMSE 522 Syllabus varies occasionally. This is the current version. You may be interested in the schedule in particular.


Sunday 2/24
The Z/Eves typechecking, theorem-proving, and analysis system is now available for download.

Tuesday 1/22
HW 2 is now assigned.

Thursday 1/17
I haven't graded your HW1 yet, but it's just pass/fail, so don't worry much about it :-).

Several folks have commented that the link to Homework 2 does not work: this is because I want to make some modifications before I assign it. Thus, I have changed the syllabus so that Homework 2 and Quiz 1 are not until the following Tuesday (1/29).

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